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A long flowing piece typically the “maximum” length which is how it gets its name. These dresses are normally tighter or more form fitting toward the top of the garment while remaining looser and more flowing towards the bottom. They come in a variety of fabrics with the most popular being cotton or polyester and can also come in different patterns. Maxi dresses are massively popular because of their wearability as well as their comfort. Maxi dresses can be worn casually or for a more formal event, a casual look with sandals or as a coverall for a bathing suit are popular options but the garment can also be worn elegantly with heels and jewelry. Maxi dresses are an ideal piece for expecting mama’s because of the comfort factor; the piece grows with you as you enter the different stages of pregnancy. Some women may even choose to pair a maxi dress with a chunky sweater in the labor room. After pregnancy, the dress can still be worn as a statement piece with jewelry, an elegant handbag or a belt to tie the pieces together. Maxi dresses are very flexible pieces and can be worn comfortably throughout the trimesters of pregnancy.
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