Kimono vs Floral Sweatshirt


Change is here 

Fashion is changing, I think we can all see that, and our world, after this pandemic as well. Our wardrobes started out the year normal, including our work clothes, gym, and that occasional little black dress for a cocktail party. However, then came March and our closets grew abandoned, lonely, and wondering where the heck we had gone and why now all of the sudden we lived in oversized t-shirts and leggings. It seems like our wardrobe routine became blurred as if it didn't know the time of day nor the day of the week. Now as we approach the end of the year it's time to experiment. Our everyday outfits will start to change where we will incorporate more coats, sweatshirts, cardigans, kimonos, and much more.


This kimono is going to come in handy during the hot days when it should be cold. It is perfect for the beach, to add layers to your outfit, to wear over a dress, shorts or even as a purse. Yes, I said a purse who said that the only use for clothes is to wear them, you can also make them useful to carry your phone and makeup essentials. Kimonos are great, but I much rather have an animal print kimono. That adds more personality to your style and it can be color coordinated in fun ways, making a statement for how you feel. I love to wear leopard print, I think its so classy yet rebellious, and today my good friends from Meet Me In Miami have done just that. Created the perfect all wear kimono.


If you are like me, you may have a sweatshirt somewhere stuffed in your drawer waiting to be worn. But for one reason or another, the color is not right, the fit, or maybe you washed it and it doesn't look as good as it did when you first bought it. For me, what makes a sweatshirt worth it is the color, quality, and fit. The Meet Me In Miami sweatshirt is oversized, it's soft, the color goes with absolutely everything I love combining it with jeans. (It is also giving me SELENA vibes, it must be the roses.) Your look can go from sporty to party to finishing it off with a comfy stay home look. This is why I love good a quality sweatshirt because it will become your best friend for the next couple of months. So here I put together some outfit ideas for you to try just in case you run into a special event, a hot day, or perhaps you just want to chill at home but be somewhat presentable to be seen in public.

Get to know them 

5 reasons to love this kimono

  • perfect length to the ankles making it look like a cape, I love a drapey cape
  • the dramatic sleeves
  • are flattering to any body shape especially when you add a belt around your waist. it makes your arms look longer.
  • and the prints did I mention the prints? MMIM has a variety of fun prints making it easier to pick the ideal one
  • for your next outfit.
  • I like the contrasting trim all alongside the seam, which adds a different twist and feel to the garment.
  • Also that they are wrinkle-free, believe me I folded it so many ways
  • and it didn't wrinkle I was so surprised.

5 reasons to love this sweatshirt

  • it's oversized so I can make it into anything I want like a dress.
  • I can transform it into a ruffled shirt or just simply wear it with runner shorts and sneakers.
  • I like the roses embroidered embellishment on the hood and the chest of the sweatshirt, giving me Selena vibes here. 
  • Gray, gray goes with everything almost like white but not as clean 
  • It is so soft you can wear it without a shirt depending on your style.

Today I play around with a kimono and a sweatshirt. Check out the styles I came up with.


She is Fierce


What You Need:

  • Faux Leather pants
  • High heel booties
  • Leopard shirt
  • Leopard thin scarf 
  • Small brown or black purse 

How to Wear: 

Look for everything in leopard print that you have at home. Anything from hats, gloves, scarfs, sunglasses and even just a scrunchie makes this a really cool monochrome outfit. For the pants: wear latex or faux leather as long as they have texture they'll work I went ahead and styled this with a purse that I got back from middle school in 2006 omg how time flies!


Lady In Black 

What You Need:

  • Black shirt
  • Black suede pants
  • velvet grey face mask

How to Wear: 

The main purpose of this look is for the bag to stand out. So either wear all black or nude. I kept it simple and wore a black skin-tight two-strap shirt with some suede straight-leg pants. I wanted to appear taller than what I am so I wore them with 8inch booties yeah! The main purpose of this look is for the bag to stand out. So either wear all black or nude. I kept it simple and wore a black skin-tight two-strap shirt with some suede straight-leg pants. I wanted to appear taller than what I am so I wore them with 8inch booties yea!


Cleo - Cleopatra 

What You Need:

  • Jean high waist shorts
  • Blacktop
  • Brass belt
  • Transparent bag

How to Wear: 

I love this look because it's so simple and easy, giving me Cleopatra vibes. High waist jean shorts and the pointy heel boots do the trick for this look. I also styled it with an all brass belt from India that I got at a thrift store. I think this made the outfit pop. I didn't want the purse to take away from the beautiful print of the kimono so I picked a transparent envelope clutch bag. This was the cherry on top.


Beachy Mood

What You Need:

  • Fave bikini or bathing suit
  • Off white sandals
  • The biggest hat you can find
  • Pepsi bottle vintage

How to Wear: 

I am not a fan of bikinis, but I can do a bathing suit. Pick a bathing suit where the red or green stripes from the kimono can match, in my case it was red. I tied it around my waist using the sleeves and allowed it to drape on my side hip. It looks gorgeous!


Tea Club Dress

What You Need:

  • Suede mint green clutch
  • Matching mint green neck collar
  • Small hat
  • White point heels

How to Wear: 

I didn't even see this one coming but this is my favorite look. To achieve this look just put on the sweatshirt with the back facing the front. Tie the strings that would otherwise be the hood, really tight across your back for bust support. In the front tug in the extra fabric that hangs from the hood and voila! Style with pointy heels and a clutch and I'll have some soy milk in my cup of tea, please.


Take me to the Streets 

What You Need:

  • Chunky shoes ( filas)
  • Black spandex biker shorts
  • Fanny Pack around the waist

How to Wear: 

Biker shorts and the fanny pack make this outfit. I like how the bag gives me shape around the waist, so it's a must-have for me. Just throw on the chunkiest sneakers or sandals and you are ready for the streets.



What You Need:

  • High waist shorts
  • Point toe boots
  • Red belts
  • Vintage bead purse

How to Wear: 

When I see this look one word comes to my mind and that is DAINTY. I don't know what it is but the ruffled bottom on the sweatshirt gives me a 1950s vibe. When the ladies wore big skirts and pointy shoes. To achieve this look: place the belt over your sweatshirt then just tuck the bottom of the garment in towards the belt from the inside. Spread it out so it doesn't look like a big clump of fabric just hanging there. And there you are looking elegant and classy.


Quarantine Cuddle with Me 

What You Need:

  • Oversized jean jacket
  • Grey sweat pants
  • Square kneel high boots

How to Wear: 

I felt so comfy in this and like Ariana Grande lol. Pick out a matching grey pair of sweats, tuck your sweatshirt in, wear your favorite knee-high boots, and just take it back to the 90s with your jacket around your waist.

BY: Lilibeth Rodriguez

Thanks, See You Next Time !